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Light Metals

We carry out the global procurement and supply of aluminum alloys used in vehicle engines and transmission cases, and aluminum alloy raw materials.

Aluminum alloys are light and strong, and have played a major role in making cars lighter, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and exhaust gas reduction. Aluminum alloys are low cost and recyclable, and as such they are of increasing importance.

We will utilize our information gathering strengths, brought about through the development of global bases, in order to provide flexible services that meet the needs of the market.

Most aluminum products can be recycled for further savings in both costs and environmental impact. Therefore, we also aim to develop and provide knowledge to customer about scrap recycle scheme.

Business fields

  • Procurement and supply of aluminum alloy raw materials (virgin ingots, base metals, scrap, silicon metal, etc.)
  • Supply of aluminum alloys (ingots and molten aluminum)
  • Aluminum recycling, etc.

Main areas in which supplied materials are used

Car exteriors

Engine parts and Transmission parts

Motorcycle exteriors

Engine parts and Wheels


We supply our customers with liquid aluminum (molten aluminum) from aluminum manufacturing plants built in the vicinity of our customers.

There is no need for our customers to re-melt aluminum products when they use the aluminum, and this contributes to reducing energy and facilities costs, as well as achieving major reductions in the burden placed on the environment.

PT. Molten Aluminum Producer Indonesia (MAP-I) has employed an innovative system that supplies recycled aluminum to manufacturers in a molten state. This simplifies their processing and lowers their energy and facility costs, while helping to conserve natural resources and protecting the environment through reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

MAP-I (Molten Aluminum producer)

Main areas in which supplied materials are used

Base Metal

Aluminum ingot made by re-melting aluminum scrap and casted into ingot form


Chip generated from machining process towards aluminum parts


Pieces of aluminum scrap generated from crushing old cars, home appliances, etc.

Taint Tabor

Old aluminum sheet


Ingot product

Hot charge product

Developments in each region

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