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Our Business

Automobile Recycling

We contribute to environmental conservation through our involvement in the vehicle resource recycling flow. We reuse components of end-of-life(scrapped) vehicles or carry out recycling by reusing scrap materials as auto materials.

We aim to create a flow for transforming end-of-life (scrapped) vehicles back into resources and to build a logistics management system with a view to achieving resources circulation management from a global perspective, and aim to expand these efforts to promote an environmentally-friendly recycling society.

Business fields

Resources circulation management; end-of-life vehicle recycling; recycled resources management, etc.

Main recycled materials


By getting involved in the entire flow of resource circulation, such as the recycling of end-of-life(scrapped) vehicles , we secure a steady supply of scrap resources . These scrap resources are then supplied back to our customers.

We also contribute to conservation of the global environment by promoting the spread of environmentally-friendly vehicle disassembly technologies, in partnership with vehicle disassembly companies, and by actively promoting measures such as reducing the environmental impact when scrapping vehicles.

Developments in each region

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